Things change At last

I remember one day I came on  and started this blog, I was frustrated nothing working out,

My First ever post was just a hope and inspiration that I can do, it.

Since then things have changed , Now I have a good income coming,
I started a Blog My Success Stories which is growing day by day.

And from no where in this world my Oldest Blog which I haven’t updated for months start giving me some extra cents,

All those things pile  up and I am all set right now,

Though there is a tough study season to come, So I will have to prepare well.

I might have to concentrate on study more than jobs or Blogs, The blogs might not get updated and the jobs I might lose,

But that is life

you learn from it everyday, something we get were always there for us,


What is life going to be?

Wondering here and there don’t know where to start , just looking  here and there looking for some good people, I found a no of them all helping and all wanting to help but never understood , New to wordpress or new to world , I don’t know , i know nothing.

Facing some difficulties or acing nothing to be worried I am alone I am angry I want to be a great, very great I would start from somewhere don’t know from where I would like to go for it.

This time nothing can stop me because you know who I am , I am Waqar Akram.